"Young Los Angeles based jazz pianist Greg Reitan is clearly influenced by modern contemporary icons like Keith Jarrett and especially Chick Corea, but his thanks to Denny Zeitlin on the booklet may indicate a disciple's role from a very talented up and comer. This debut effort shows much promise in a similar path as Taylor Eigsti or Eldar Djangirov in Reitan's virtuosic, multiple-notes flash and brilliance."
- Michael G. Nastos -- All Music Guide, January 2009


"...Reitan's first Sunnyside recording shows the pianist to be a sensitive and technically facile musician. Rare in these days of piano pounders, Reitan's smooth lines, sweet sense of swing, and delightfully hip manner of approaching melodies, shows the pianist to be a welcomed breath of fresh air into a market overstuffed with piano trios that aim for grand expression and overblown preponderance of ruthless drive. With Reitan one finds a musician who can play as fast as anyone, yet only uses his ample technique when the moment is right."
- Thomas R. Erdmann -- JazzReview.com, January 2010

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