Reviews for Antibes (2010):

"Reitan has an ease and natural quality to his playing, no matter the tempo or the pitch of the trio interaction. The phrasing and design of his theme and variations on the lazy "For Heaven's Sake" brings to mind unforced breathing. The floating time quality of Wayne Shorter's "Fall" -- with Reitan's liquid movement and jewel-like grace notes -- is the work of both a thinker and a conjurer."
- Kirk Silsbee -- DownBeat Magazine, April 2010


"Antibes confirms the positive first impression made by Greg Reitan's 2009 debut, Some Other Time. Reitan is a pianist with taste and a clear sense of purpose. He strives for "elegance and gracefulness." The world needs more of both."
- Thomas Conrad -- JazzTimes Magazine, March 2010


"The tracks with Reitan's own writing are the ones I keep going back to in Antibes. He told Orrin Keepnews, who wrote the admiring liner notes, that when he was preparing the album he had been listening to Glenn Gould play J.S. Bach. The title tune, the unaccompanied "September" and "Salinas" are direct reflections of that experience. Reitan so skillfully conceived them with Bachian rhythmic and harmonic principles and plays them with such precision and dynamic touch that one might almost be willing to accept that Gould had come back as a jazz artist. Reitan's Some Other Time was an impressive debut album last year. Antibes shows impressive growth and even greater potential."
- Doug Ramsey -- ArtsJournal Rifftides, January 2010

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